Sunday, 16 January 2011

I won a competition....

I couldn't believe it - just before Christmas I got an email from Claire at Trail Running Magazine saying I had won the competition they had put on Facebook - I never win anything - how cool was this. I had won some Inov8 trainers and some Montane clothing. Excellent news - couldn't wait for my extra parcel this Christmas. When it all arrived I was feeling rubbish and ill with the flu so it took a while before their first trip out. First test was the shoes up on muddy Bradwell (Hope Valley) edge, well the path that gets you up there is extremely muddy most of the year let alone afer snow melt! I fiddled a bit with the laces as i like them "my way" and eventually got the fit i wanted and off i plodded, they worked well in the mud - well they should do really they are Inov8's after all. I was given the Roclites3.6 so they have a bit of cushioning and a good fell tread - perfect for my style of running (sorry plodding!). My next trip out was on a 3 hour trip from Edale to Hathersage.
So - picking the shoes - I went for the Inov8's - I have many shoes to pick from and these now needed to see if they could join the crowd of them to pick up when needed - they needed to feel good for 3 hours or more for my running! They felt right for the job even in the kitchen!
Then it was find the jacket amoungst the ski tops and bike tops hanging up...

And then off to the train and into Edale. The rain that was forecast was nowhere to be seen so we plodded on up to Ringing Roger on the edge of Kinder and turned right to be blown straight back again - the wind was definately up!!!
The run was supperb, we ran along the edge for a while till dropping down to the stoney tracks of Hope Cross area and then on the grassy forest edge up to Win Hill, the weather turned and the rain and the mist and the wind turned up in force but luckily we were going in the right direction and got a bit of a push from the wind! I thought about putting a waterproof on but the jacket - the Montane Marathon has a DWR finish and was beeding up well so no water getting in yet! Phew - i hate running in a waterproof - windproofs are soooo much better. next up was a good muddy steep descent into Bamford and then up onto Bamford Edge through spooky wood!. The wind was side on up here and kept trying to push us into the heather - we held up and eventually came off the edge and down into Hathersage. What a great day. Thanks Hills for sorting it out and getting me out on the hills in my great new kit. Am now a fan of Inov8 and Montane....
So no blisters and they were comfy on all the terrain, even the slippery wet rocks and the jacket performed really well and unusually for me as am very tall I could stuff my hands in the sleeves when my fingers got cold - it is a good jacket and really lightweight so will be in every kit list!!!


  1. jammy sod! im a big montane fan..not sure innov8 are for me..glad you had a good bash out

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